Conceived and directed by Erin B. Mee

Original text by Jessie Bear

with original contributions from Charles Mee and Jeanine T. Abraham

Taking place entirely in a swimming pool, Pool Play invites audiences to come sit at the edge of the pool with their feet in the water (yes! in the water!) and enjoy...

synchronized swimming, a race or two, penguins, songs, and an exploration of America's long, joyful and complicated relationship with water, swimming, and pools. 



Jeanine T. Abraham, Ashley Wren Collins, Erika Iverson, Michael Lorz, Lily Narbonne, Alex Pagels, Shawn Chua Ming Ren, Ali Kennedy Scott

The entirety of the play is well executed, featuring a strong ensemble that has absolutely no fear of diving into whatever quirky material is presented to them. Their playfulness is contagious, ultimately creating an uplifting theatrical experience that leaves the audience joyous and refreshed—and maybe a little wet. “Pool Play,” while undeniably light-hearted, manages to communicate some profound and political themes to those who choose to pay attention.

-Sarah Lucie for Show Business Weekly, 2/12/14

"Pool Play... is definitely worth the trip... The entire ensemble showed moments of skill, wit, and brevity far beyond their years. Erin B. Mee does a superb job directing this young group of artists to create a cohesive look at our fascination with the water, entertaining and engaging the audience along the way." 

-Zak Risinger for Theatre Is Easy, 2/10/14


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