Ferry Play - Reviews



"A spirited, meditative audio performance."

-Laura Collins-Hughes for the New York Times, 8/25/15

"...You’re a tourist in your own city.  


This is the revelatory thing about Ferry Play, an audio experience conceived and directed by Erin B. Mee and written by Jessie Bear.  It is an experience that encourages the listener to see a familiar part of the world in a whole new way."


Michael Niederman for New York Theatre Review, 4/14/15

"If nothing else, the play is something to occupy what has probably become a mundane trip for many commuters, and for tourists in the city, one of too many attractions to consume. But if anything else, it's a reminder of the sheer amount of humanity crammed into one small space...And on those nights or mornings when a good mood strikes and the skyline looks particularly beautiful, it's nice to be reminded of where in the world we are."

Lauren Steussy for the Staten Island Advance, 4/22/15

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