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To read short articles we have written about our aesthetics, our ways of working, and the dramaturgical structures we employ, please click on these links: 


“Immersive and Interactive Performance: A Rasic Experience” by Erin B. Mee


“Notes on Making Theatre In The Dark” by Ezra Brain

“Towards A Sustainable Aesthetic Theory: Climate and Rasa” by Erin B. Mee


“Diverse Audiences for Smartphone Plays.” TCG’s Audience (Re)volution blog series.


 “The Audience Is The Message.” TCG’s Audience (Re)volution blog series.

“Smartphone Plays: A New Theatrical Genre” by Erin B. Mee


“Stage Managing Immersive, Site-Specific, and Participatory Theatre” by Erin B. Mee

Video of Still Life Scene – with voice of Kathleen Chalfant as Rosebud Royale:


Interviews on Podcasts (entire episodes devoted to our work):



No Proscenium Podcast:

Trailers and Informational Videos:

TDF Meet The Theatre:


Theatre In The Dark:


Subway Plays:

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