Conceived and Directed by Erin B. Mee

Plays by Jenny Lyn Bader, Jessie Bear and Colin Waitt

Sound Design by Natalie Johnsonius Neubert

Stage Management by Sophia Cohen Smith

This Is Not A Theatre Company's Subway Plays is a trilogy of site-specific, sensory podplays for the New York City Subway.  Armed with nothing more than a set of headphones and an mp3 file, spectators ride the subway while listening to the recorded production - every surrounding sight, smell, and sound plays a supporting role in the experience.  

The International Local by Jenny Lyn Bader

The 7 Train between Times Square in Manhattan and 74th Street-Broadway/Roosevelt Ave in Queens

Damper Felts by Jessie Bear

The N Train between Times Square in Manhattan and Astoria-Ditmars Boulevard in Queens

Spare Some Change by Colin Waitt

The L Train between 8 Ave in Manhattan and Broadway Junction in Brooklyn

Listen to Podumentary, a behind-the-scenes look at the creation of Subway Plays directed by Evan Schwartz

  • Podumentary: Subway Plays
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  • Directed by Evan Schwartz
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“What we are asking you to do is download the app, put your earbuds in and then look around at the windows and the people around you instead of looking into your own personal space,” Mee said. “We ask you to actively co-create the play with us by mixing in your experience.” - Director Erin Mee in conversation with Town & Village

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