Climate Lens Initiative is a group of artivists dedicated to creating theatres that include all species, filling the stage with the Earth, and standing alongside our fellow species. Tweet Like a Mountain is a theatrical twitter project that aims to explore this mission by bringing those species to one of the most important conversation platforms of our time: twitter. We have set up twitter accounts for characters who would like to discuss climate from their perspectives. These include:

  • Tree (@tree4planet), which tweets about climate from the perspective of the trees;

  • Temperature (@2darnhot), who tweets about how the earth feels to her;

  • Clouds (@ProtectClouds), who take an aerial view of the planet; and

  • CO2 (@O2Carbon), a bully trying to take over.  

Featuring the work of: Ran Xia, Jessie Bear, Naz Hagood, Mohit Satyanand, Alex Vlahov

Call for Submissions: Numerous playwrights and artivists have already joined us, and we invite you to join us too! If you would like to write a tweet -- or as many tweets as you want -- for one or more of these characters, please send it/them to Erin B. Mee at with “Tweet Like A Mountain” in the subject line and Erin will curate and post the tweets. Tweets can be text, images, links to videos, whatever you think the character would tweet. All tweets should include the hashtag #climate.

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