Untitled Play about Etiquette

Opening In October!

A piece about Etiquette as both mode of consideration and tool of oppression. Our
source material comes from Emily Post’s Etiquette, The Lady’s Guide To Perfect
Gentility, Encounters With Police: The Black Man’s Guide to Survival, the Playboy
Bunny Employee Manual, and our experiences on the MTA – among other things.


We will perform in a very exciting location that we must keep secret for the moment.


Creative attire will be required, but fish forks are optional. RSVP regrets only.


Conceived and directed by Erin B Mee; text by Jenny Lyn Bader, Colin Waitt, Emily
Post, and others; created and performed by The Company: Ezra Brain, Richard
McBride, Marisa LaRuffa, Caiti Lattimer, Amanda Thickpenny, Nicole Orabona; social
media components by Andrew Wehnke.

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