VERSAILLES 2015/2016



Set against a backdrop of global crisis at a house party in an actual New York City apartment, the characters of Versailles 2015 focus on the minutiae of their daily lives in a play which questions the responsibilities and obligations of the true ruling class. With scenes that include a bathtub dance by Jonathan Matthews, the results are both familiar and wonderfully disconcerting.



Conceived and Directed by Erin B. Mee

Text by Charles Mee and Jessie Bear

Choreography by Jonathan Matthews

Videography by Stefan Hartmann

Stage Management by Sophia Lana Cohen Smith


Shiri Ben-Moshe, Caitlin Goldie, Ashley Wren Collins, Hannah Goldman, Caiti Lattimer, Christopher Morriss, Morgan Patton, Leila Satyanath-Mee, Jeff Ronan, Russell Sperberg, Colin Waitt

"Delightful and provocative...Amidst the countless atrocities that confront us every day, at our core we are all struggling to find the naked honesty in our own lives... Versailles 2015 allows us the time to contemplate this in its characters and in ourselves."

-Stephen Kaplan for Theatre Is Easy, 10.11.15

"The overall tone, to the credit of director Erin B. Mee, helps the show maintain a sort of ‘whistling past the guillotine’ balance between the obvious (yeah, we’re privileged, so what) and the unsettling (but we – us in this room – not just the bankers – are actually living the kind of life that can bring about a revolution from its underclass, which should perhaps cause us more concern than it does).

-Dan O'Neill for Culturebot, 2.16.16

"Versailles 2015 is over far too quickly. It is an hors d'oeuvre plate of scenes that collectively...have a message about elitism and the vanity of apathy...Brief and poignant, Versailles 2015 will linger in your mind long after you see it."

-Rachel Kerry for New York Theatre Review, 10.14.15

“Versailles 2015 is a meditation upon privilege…It blurred the lines between audience and performer, ignored entirely the idea of a fourth wall, and managed to fit in some wonderfully crafted dialogue.”

-Courtney Escoyne for Thoughts From A Ballet Nerd, 10.22.15

Production History:

October 9 - November 20, 2015, New York, NY


February 5 - 7, 2016, Hastings-On-Hudson, NY 
(Presented by En Garde Arts


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