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Isolation Plays for Physical Distancing

This Is Not A Theatre Company creates site-based, interactive, multi-sensory, participatory dance-theatre that is smelled, touched, and tasted as well as seen and heard. We surround participants with an event that engages the sensorium, asking them to perceive the world in new ways, and to empathize in new ways. Our work is not passively consumed; audiences co-create with us and, in doing so, actively practice creativity, as opposed to sitting before the results of someone else’s. 


We use play (as both noun and verb) to foster critical thinking, multi-sensory full-bodied engagement, and radical empathy. We produce one or two participatory, multi-sensory, dance-theatre pieces per year, give workshops in participatory and multi-sensory theatre-making, and write open-source articles about our work to share tools and techniques with others. In addition, we have two on-going site-specific audio plays (available for download to a smartphone from the Apple and Android app stores) for the Staten Island Ferry (Ferry Play) and the NYC Subway system (Subway Plays), which bring theatre out of enclosed spaces and into daily life, and are available for $1.99 and $2.99 respectively.


Our goals are to expand the number of senses through which theatre is experienced, to expand the definition of “theatre,” and to make work with, not for, our audiences.

Watch our intro video from TDF below!

Play in Your Bathtub:

An Immersive Audio Spa for Physical Distancing 

This site-specific interactive audio play that takes place in your own bathtub. (Theatre-stayers may substitute a foot bath if desired.) Scented bath oil and candle optional but recommended. Join us for poetry, singing, and Dances for Small Appendages in Water. Play in your Bathtub has recently been translated into Russian. Performances have been extended through the end of the Summer

Tickets available for donation.


Life on Earth

Beginning on April 3, 2020, during the coronavirus pandemic, This Is Not A Theatre Company staged an online, durational, participatory adaptation of Charles Mee's Heaven on Earth. Titled Life on Earth, it invited participants from artists around the world -- Argentina, India, Nepal, Turkey, China, and the West Bank --  to send in dances, poems, songs, and snippets of what life on earth felt like to them, which we organized according to the stage directions and dialogue in the original script. These artists shared their own experiences, not speaking in generalities or for others, but showing us, through their own artistic practices, what life feels like to them at this moment. They did a brilliant job, and we are grateful for their participation. They were joined by audience members who shared their own poems, recipes, and instructions for building sheet tents. This was *truly* experimental theatre: we had no idea what would happen, how people would respond, or what people would add to the experience. While there was a great deal of "random chatter" on Friday, by Sunday April 5 the online group had become a really beautiful communal space, and a testament to the power of art and the resilience of human beings.

Experience Life on Earth.


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