Opening in September:

Play! is an interactive homage to the importance of radical play for a healthy society by Charles Mee, Erin B Mee, Jonathan Matthews, and Ezra Brain.

Movement is a metaphor. The laws of physics and biomechanics, as they apply to movement, embody concepts that are analogous to such calls for social justice as income inequality, cultural coexistence, peaceful protest, and climate change action. Every movement embodies a way of being in the world, a practice of and for negotiating with others. In this sense, the body is a microcosm of society wherein efficient movement directly parallels a just and sustainable society. If following certain rules of movement grants the human body optimal functionality, it follows that any social or political body not following these same practices is headed toward self-destruction. Play! explores the politics of our everyday movements, seeking to redefine the way we engage with each other through everyday quotidian gestures.

Come Play! with us [presented in rep with Theatre in the Dark] at Theatre Lab

Sat. 9/7/19 @ 7pm 

Sun. 9/8/19 @ 5pm & 7pm 

Thurs. 9/12/19 @ 7pm ”

Fri. 9/13/19 @ 7pm  

Sat. 9/14/19 @ 7pm 

Sun. 9/15/19 @ 5pm 

Thurs. 9/19/19 @ 7pm

Fri. 9/20/19 @ 7pm

Sat. 9/21/19 @ 7pm

Sun. 9/22/19 @ 5pm 

Thurs. 9/26/19 @ 7pm

Fri. 9/27/19 @ 7pm

Sat. 9/28/19 @ 7pm 

Sun. 9/29/19 @ 5pm

Thurs. 10/3/19 @ 7pm

Fri. 10/4/19 @ 7pm

Sat. 10/5/19 @ 7pm

Sun. 10/6/19 @ 5pm

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