This Is Not A Theatre Company’s productions are smelled, touched, and tasted as well as seen and heard; we ask partakers to surround themselves with the event, to engage the sensorium, to relish every aspect of what they perceive. We create site-based, immersive, multi-sensory participatory dance-theatre that can be eaten, touched, and smelled as well as seen and heard. Our theatre is not something to passively consume, but to co-create. We do this because it asks the audience to perceive the world in new ways, to empathize in new ways, and to practice creativity – not to sit and watch the results of someone else’s creativity, but to create something themselves.

Our events include: Festival de la Vie (a site-specific audio play for the Place de l’Horloge in Avignon); ​Pool Play 2.0 (set in an actual natatorium); ​Versailles 2015/2016 (an immersive house party about income inequality); A Serious Banquet (an interactive dinner party based on the party Picasso threw for Henri Rousseau in 1908 Paris); Café Play (set in an actual café and including food); Subway Plays (a site-specific audio play for the NYC subway system)​; ​Ferry Play (a site-specific audio play for the Staten Island Ferry);​ and Readymade Cabaret, a Duchamp-inspired play about chance encounters. Our work has been featured in ​The New York ​Times​, The Wall Street Journal​, American Theatre Magazine​, Culturebot, Howlround, TDF Stages ​and TCG​, among others. TINATC has participated in the Avignon Theatre Festival and the International Theatre Festival of Kerala, in India.

In 2019 This Is Not A Theatre Company was listed as one of the Top 5 Immersive Theatre Companies in NYC by Jonathan Mandell for TDF.

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