A Serious Banquet is a devised piece structured around the party Picasso threw for the painter Henri Rousseau in 1908 as recorded by Gertrude Stein in "The Autobiography of Alice B. Toklas by Gertrude Stein." We have devised a piece that gives us a sense of what it’s like to be inside a Picasso painting – to explore the world from a Cubist perspective, to see the world as he painted it, and to translate some of his paintings into movement, sound, smell, and taste. We dance a painting, eat a painting, hear a painting, and smell a painting. In other words, we are creating a symbolist synaesthetic theatre piece that is not a biography of Picasso, or an art history lecture about his paintings, but a multi-sensory experience of what it is like to be inside his paintings: we hope it takes the audience through a way of thinking and being as embodied in his art.

Conceived and Directed by Erin B. Mee

Devised by The Company

Script by Jessie Bear 


Read "A Serious Banquet: Art as a Collective Experience", a TCG article about the production written by Erin B. Mee. 

Featuring: Jeanine Abraham, Stephen Bennett, Shawn Chua, Ashley Wren Collins, Vincent Cooper, Ryan Feyk, Caitlin Goldie, Erika Iverson, Miranda Kahn, Lily Narbonne, Clara Pagone, Jillian Puhalla, Kate Reilly, Sandra Maren Schneider, Ali Kennedy Scott

"Collaborators Jessie Bear and Erin Mee are paving the way to a profound immersive theatrical experience where performance and life intertwince effortlessly. Let them begin again, and again, and again."

--Sydney Arndt for Show Business Weekly, 6/11/14

--Wesley Doucette for New York Theatre Review, 6/12/14

--Collin McConnell for NYTheatreNow, 6/10/14

--Zak Risinger for Theatre is Easy, 6/13/14

--Jon Sobel for BlogCritics, 6/5/14

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