This Is Not A Theatre Company's Ferry Play invites audiences to participate in the site-specific, sensory experience of a podplay for the Staten Island Ferry.  Armed with nothing more than a set of headphones and an mp3 file, spectators ride the ferry while listening to the recorded production - every surrounding sight, smell, and sound plays a supporting role in the experience.  In a theater as big as the Upper New York Bay, ghosts from the ferry's past seduce and mingle with voices from its present, leaving the spectator to consider their role in the live performance event that is the Big Apple.  The result is a show that is personal and public, ever-changing, and as dynamic as New York City itself. 

Conceived and Directed by Erin B. Mee

Written by Jessie Bear

Sound Design by Matthew Wilson


Stephen Bennett, J. Stephen Brantley, Lindsay Bregenzer, Isabel Bregenzer, Emily Cordes, Ratnesh Dubey, Caitlin Goldie, Ali Kennedy Scott, Daniel Leeman Smith, Gabriela Agape, Lily Narbonne, Tom Nelis, Clara Pagone, Leila Satyanath-Mee, Mirelly Vargas.

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"Spirited, meditative...mesmerizing."

-The New York Times, 8/25/15

"And as the ferry moves across New York Harbor, the vistas on that world change, giving the play a sense of vastness that contrasts with the intimacy of in-your-ear drama."

-The Wall Street Journal, 8/28/15

"And a great thing about a downloadable play for $1.99 is that it attracts an incredibly mixed audience. “We handed out flyers to promote the show, and we had people of all ages, ethnic backgrounds and job descriptions who were interested—people with strollers, people in suits, people in scrubs. You name it.”...Another perk of a podplay is that the show goes on in perpetuity."

-American Theatre Magazine, 8/5/15

"As it turns out, Ferry Play has reached the kind of diverse audiences that other theaters dream about."


-TCG Circle

"The Staten Island Ferry and the Upper New York Bay serve as the set, the lighting is dictated by the weather and the time of day, and the actors are both voices in your ears and whoever happens to be on the ferry around you." 


-TDF Stages, 7/29/15

"If nothing else, the play is something to occupy what has probably become a mundane trip for many commuters... But if anything else, it's a reminder of the sheer amount of humanity crammed into one small space."


-Staten Island Advance, 4/22/15

"Ferry Play creates a dynamic relationship between the recording (which never changes) and a site that is constantly changing. The view of and from the ferry is radically different on a warm sunny Sunday than it is during a snowstorm, at sunset, or during a morning commute.



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