Readymade Cabaret uses Duchamp’s notions of chance and readymades to celebrate the beauty of chance encounters. The scenes that are performed, and the order in which they are performed, depend on the roll of the dice; so in any given performance, the audience sees 1 of a hundred million possible plays.


The Spring 2015 run of Readymade Cabaret was supported in part by the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council. 




Conceived and Directed by Erin B. Mee

#TweetDances by Kyla Ernst-Alper

Text by Jessie Bear

Scenic/Art Design by Sam Silbiger

Stage Management by Sophia Cohen Smith 


Anne Flowers, Caitlin Goldie, Ali Kennedy Scott, Chris Morriss, and Karoline Xu


Readymade Cabaret "succeeds in creating an entertaining and unpredictable atmosphere while packing countless ideas into 60 minutes."


Brett Aresco for Theatre is Easy, 5/1/15

Readymade Cabaret creates "a kind of participation that was smart, functional and at times deeply poetic."


Kristine Haruna Lee for Culturebot, 5/8/15

Production History:

Private Development Workshop : December 2014


Workshop Production, Theaterlab's Hotel New Work : February 22, 2015


Judson Church:

April 25 - May 28, 2015


June 6, 2015


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